Ethical Trading

The way we like to do business...

First of all, thank you for shopping at our websitel.

Most of our wholesale silver jewellery and wholesale gemstone jewellery is handcrafted in Nepal and India. The semi-precious stones are genuine; all settings are sterling. The stamp on the bottom of each piece assures the metal is an industry-standard 92.5% silver. As an ethical jewellery wholesale supplier, we are extremely careful about the vendors we choose, buying only from those with the highest quality standards, who treat their artisans fairly and do not engage in child labour.

Although in many ways particularly aesthetically Nepal lives up to its Shangri-La image, life there is terribly difficult for its people. Annual family income is about $300; there are few accessible hospitals and most of the people are subsistence farmers. Poor water quality is one of the most significant problems facing the country and more recently the terrible earthquake that has devastated the country.

In addition to buying some great wholesale silver rings, amber wholesale jewellery and other wholesale jewellery here, your purchase helps crafters in Nepal whose livelihoods are largely tied to the export business. Like it or not, we are all part of the global economy. And in order to succeed in this environment we believe, one needs to embrace Globalism with sound economic and ethical principles. Therefore we are proud that our line of jewellery from Nepal has been crafted by the same artisans for 11+ years and from India for 3+ years.

All of our jewellery from Nepal is made in a type of "cottage industry". Meaning it is crafted by artisans in their homes. They are not required to work in a big, dirty factory and are able to spend more time with their families while making a fair wage. The workers range in age from 20-50 years old. We are under no illusions, this is not a dream job by any means; the work is challenging and many of the artisans probably have higher aspirations, but they make a decent wage in a country where jobs are scarce and are treated well. Regular checks are made on the artisans’ conditions to be sure they are not exploited. This is important to us - of course we want to get good prices, but we also feel that we have a responsibility to understand the perspective of our suppliers and make a positive impact as we are able.

Could we get comparable jewellery from other sources without knowing much about the people we are connecting ourselves with? Probably, but that is not the kind of world we want to live in!